Monday, July 30, 2012

Orientation is Over! Meet your Student Mentor!

One thing I find very fascinating about WGU is the mentors that are assigned to you within the time that you are enrolled. There are so many people calling and arranging and making sure things are moving smoothly!

My first call with my student mentor David, happened on the Wednesday July 25th. It wasn't required that I finish my orientation but highly suggested. I finished my orientations on the 18th so I had plenty of time to anticipate the first call with him!

Let me list a few of his qualifications.....
University of Rhode Island - Undergrad
Masters Degree in Social Work from Boston University
Work Experience:
For profit and non-profit environments in direct service, management and quality management for over 25 years.
Also ran his own psychotherapy practice in Massachusetts for many years.

He reminds me of a therapist I once had. He's soft spoken and he's listening. He wants to make sure he understand me and I understand him.

My time with David as my student counselor will consist of he and I speaking once a week for the first 6 months (Term 1). After term 1 I can move to once a month calls. The once a week dedication is to ensure I really understand how to navigate WGU. He will keep track of my progress and at any time when I'm feeling I need more support or less he is going to be the person on the outside looking in with only 1 goal on his agenda.... keep Christine moving in the direction of graduation.

On our first call I had a few things to get though. A Webinar, Student Inventory, Goal Evaluation. It's important to fill out these documents because David needed time before our call to look over the content and get a better feel for what kind of person I am. The Student inventory was a question and answer segment that David asked me to be honest about. Questions about my strengths and weaknesses. Once we got through this there was another call planned to go over the Academic Activity Verification (AAV). This is where we talk classes and graduation goals! (getting closer to August 1st!!).


Monday, July 16, 2012


Orientation is pretty straight forward. Yesterday I got through the 'Home' Section of the Orientation. 11% done. These are the categories to look forward to:

Introduction to EWB(Education without Boundaries)
Module 1: The Student Portal
2: The Degree Plan
3: WGU Resources/Library
4: Communication
5: Academic Expectations
6: Academic Authenticity
7: TaskStream
8: Strategies for Student Success
9: Additional Resources for Student & Alumni Success
10: EWB Orientation Conclusion

I have read through the student handbooks and all types of help links on I have a feeling this will all be covered in the orientation. Once again - I find myself overcompensating for an orientation!
I'm anxious about starting the real classes.

I have been assigned a Student Mentor: David M.
I'm sure I'll be in contact with him soon enough and hopefully this works out for me. I don't like that I'm scared of failing but I have to try. I'm turning 32 next week. This whole idea that this is all I am has got to be overturned!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Education Without Boundaries Orientation

Just like I was told July 15th 3 weeks prior to my official term start date I will have access to "Education Without Boundaries Orientation". This is something that every student has to complete before starting the actual classes.
This also opens up everything else that is on your class portal through WGU. Now when I log into I can actually see all the required classes I have to take in order to get my Bachelors.
This is what it says:

Term/Corse Code/Course Detail/Competency Units/Pre-Assessment(Yes/No)

1 BNC1 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3 Pre-Assessment Yes
1 LIT1 Legal Issues for Business Organizations 3
1 LWC1 Fundamentals of Business Law and Ethics 6 Pre-Assessment Yes
2 QAT1 Quantitative Analysis for Business 6
2 INT1 Integrated Natural Science Applications 4
2 MGC1 Principles of Management 4 Pre-Assessment Yes
3 QMC1 Quantitative Literacy: Statistics, Probability and Problem Solving 3 Pre-Assessment Yes
3 EGC1 Fundamentals of Economics, Global Business and Quantitative Analysis 4 Pre-Assessment Yes
3 EGT1 Economics and Global Business Applications 4
3 RWT1 Business Research and Writing 2
4 FNC1 Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting and IT 6 Pre-Assessment Yes
4 FNT1 Business Applications for Finance, Accounting and IT 6
5 MKT1 Marketing Principles and Applications 2
5 CGC1 Concepts in Financial Accounting and Tax 6 Pre-Assessment Yes
5 AUO1 Concepts in Auditing and Information Systems 4 Pre-Assessment Yes
6 ACA1 Problems in Accounting 6
6 CMO1 Concepts in Cost/Managerial Accounting 6 Pre-Assessment Yes
7 TPV1 Project Management 6
7 BGA1 Problems in Budgeting and Financial Statements 6
8 QCT1 Accounting Capstone Written Project 4

When the class has the option for Pre-Assessment it means I have three attempts to challenge the course. Not a bad option! I can actually take 1 pre-assessment and it will give me a score and tell me where my strengths and weaknesses are. Any question that I get right I wont have to take again. (I believe). I will have to double check that but I think I had a few notes written somewhere from a conversation I had with Jessica regarding the pre-assessments.
91 Units are listed in my course outline. 18 Units must be finished a 6 month term. It still works out to be about 2 1/2 years..... I wonder how I will fare trying to push this to the limit? We shall see!!
More to come as my tenure at WGU really gets started.

How is the Student Mentor going to work? I believe I will be assigned one of those fairly soon and with a weekly check in I hope whomever I speak with is pleasant.